Rejuvenate Your Entire Appearance with Face Lift Surgery

Just as your eyes do, your face plays a very important role in expressing who you are. Your face can convey whether you feel happy or sad, and can even reveal how old you are. Exposure to the sun and other harsh environmental conditions can leave your facial skin looking dull, wrinkly, and older than your true age. A face lift performed by an experienced surgeon is an effective way to turn back the clock by eliminating tell-tale signs of aging. Dr. Kishinevsky is a qualified surgeon who has helped many patients from around the world achieve a more youthful appearance through face lift surgery.

Face Lift Options

In the face lift surgery procedure, the skin and tissue near the forehead, eyes, mouth, and cheeks are tightened to eliminate and reduce lines and wrinkles, correct saggy skin, and alter the tired or angry look that develops with age. There are many face lift options available, depending on what specific areas are targeted:

  • A lower face lift benefits the bottom portion of the face by tightening skin on the neck and jaw line, and removing wrinkles from the mouth area.
  • A mid face lift restores a youthful appearance to lower eyelids and cheeks by addressing skin that has lost elasticity over the years.
  • If you only need minor work on specific areas of the face, a mini face lift can be performed. This type of face lift is minimally invasive, and is used to reposition, lift, or remove unwanted tissue.


A facelift turns back the clock by tightening loose skin, removing excess fat, and reducing lines and wrinkles. Dr. Kishinevsky can hide the scars behind the ear and underneath the sideburn to make your results appear as natural as possible. Once patients have properly healed, many experience a significant boost in confidence and improved self-image.

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Face Lift Procedure

During a face lift procedure, Dr. Kishinevsky makes an incision above the hairline to reduce the appearance of scarring. She then peels the skin back to reveal the underlying tissue. Next, she tightens the muscles and removes excess fat before reattaching the skin. Face lift surgery can take as long as three hours.

Face Lift Results

The result of the face lift procedure is a refreshed and youthful-looking facial appearance that patients can enjoy for years to come. Patients are pleased with the way a face lift restores their youthful look. Patients look refreshed, and never pulled too tight or unnatural after a face lift. A face lift can be combined with our medical-grade chemical peels for exceptional results.

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