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Vaginal Rejuvenation for a More Confident You

Women of all walks of life have turned to labiaplasty, or labial reduction, for both functional and aesthetic reasons. This procedure rejuvenates a woman’s vaginal area via the surgical removal of excess skin from the labia minora.

At the plastic surgery offices of Dr. Anya Kishinevsky in Darien and Fairfield, patients are treated with the gentlest, most effective techniques to increase patients' confidence in their appearance with a minimum of scarring, resulting in a natural appearance. We are well equipped to perform outpatient labiaplasty in just about two hours. Although the procedure itself goes by quickly in the adept hands of Dr. Kishinevsky, the results can be life-changing. Many patients feel more comfortable to have this delicate surgery performed by a skilled and caring female plastic surgeon.

Who Is a Candidate for Labiaplasty?

Many factors affect the appearance and functionality of a woman’s labia as she ages. Women who elect to undergo labiaplasty will have experienced certain physical and aesthetic symptoms, including:

  • Elongated labial tissue
  • Asymmetric labial folds
  • Discomfort or soreness after labial tissue is maladjusted for a period of time
  • Pain or soreness during tampon use, intercourse, or exercise
  • More care required when washing the vaginal area because of the delicate or stretched labial tissue

Regain Comfort and Sexual Confidence with a Labiplasty


Dr. Kishinevsky can surgically enhance the appearance of the labia minor. Through a labiaplasty procedure, she can help women find greater comfort and feel more confident in their sexuality. Our patients can return to work and regular activities between one to weeks following the procedure.

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The transformation of labial tissue over time is common, especially among women who have given birth vaginally, experienced trauma to the area, had growth spurts, or have for one reason or another experienced stretching in the delicate tissue of the labia. At a certain point, this tissue loses elasticity and will remain in a drooping or uneven state.

Women experiencing gynaecological disease and women who are unwilling to quit tobacco use at least during the weeks of healing time following surgery should not undergo labiaplasty. Women planning on having more vaginal childbirths in the near future may want to wait until after they have finished having children before undergoing labiaplasty.

About the Procedure

Under the care of Dr. Kishinevsky and the experienced medical teams in our Darien and Fairfield offices, labiaplasty can be performed with ease and comfort.

Because tissue is removed surgically, we utilize general anesthesia or "twilight" sedation to keep you comfortable during labiaplasty. The amount of excess labial tissue removed during labiaplasty will be predetermined between Dr. Kishinevsky and her patient in accordance with safety standards and desired final appearance. Some patients elect to have excess tissue around the clitoral hood thinned out for a more smooth and symmetric appearance. Some patients prefer to reduce only the tissue that protrudes beyond the labia majora. We will discuss all your options together, look at before and after photos, and choose the procedure that is custom-tailored to your needs. After the removal, the labia are sutured using dissolving stitches and the area is dressed.

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