Should I Get a Facelift or Injectables? Let's Compare Treatments By Anya Kishinevsky, M.D. on April 05, 2024

woman admiring her smooth facial skinAs people age, most notice physical changes to their appearance. The face is usually the first area to show signs of aging. Facial skin is regularly exposed to UV rays and other harsh environmental elements that exaggerate aging. Common signs of aging include lines, wrinkles, deep creases, sagging skin, and hollow features.

Dr. Anya Kishinevsky’s plastic and reconstructive surgery center, which serves Norwalk, CT, and Bridgeport, CT, offers cosmetic treatments, such as cosmetic injectables and facelift surgery, to restore a youthful appearance. Finding the ideal treatment is essential to its success. Here, we compare injectables and facelift surgery to determine which may most effectively help our patients reverse signs of aging.

BOTOX and Injectables

Injectable skin treatments are a non-surgical solution for signs of aging. Injectables can address many of the same issues as cosmetic surgery, including:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Deep creases
  • Facial folds
  • Lost facial volume
  • Decreased collagen production

Injectable treatment is safe, effective, and provides fast results. An injectable procedure usually takes one hour or less. Treatment involves a series of strategically placed injections using thin needles. We prepare patients for treatment with a topical anesthetic that ensures comfort. Injectable treatment does not cause significant side effects, and patients do not require a long recovery.

Dr. Kishinevsky offers several types of cosmetic injectables at her plastic surgery center. BOTOX Cosmetic, one of the most well-known injectables, uses a purified botulinum toxin to target and paralyze muscles responsible for dynamic facial wrinkles. Other injectables, such as Restylane and Juvederm, fill the skin with a hyaluronic acid-based solution that smooths wrinkles, adds volume to depleted facial features, and promotes collagen production.


A facelift is a surgical procedure that addresses moderate to advanced signs of aging. A facelift targets the lower two-thirds of the face (from the cheeks to the upper neck). A facelift removes excess facial skin, tightens facial muscles, and repositions facial tissues to address concerns such as:

  • Facial wrinkles and creases
  • Hollow, sunken cheeks
  • Marionette lines
  • Loose jowls
  • Excess skin around the chin and upper neck
  • Sagging facial skin

A facelift is a surgical procedure performed while patients are under general anesthesia. During surgery, Dr. Kishinevsky makes a series of small incisions that grant her access to facial muscles and tissues and allow her to remove excess skin. The procedure is highly customizable and offers superior precision and control. While a facelift is more invasive than injectable treatment, it has more comprehensive and longer-lasting results than cosmetic injectables.

Which Is Right for Me?

Many of our Norwalk patients debate whether they are better suited for injectable treatment or a facelift. Both treatments address signs of aging to restore a youthful appearance, so the choice is largely personal. 

Injectable treatment is minimally invasive and requires no downtime for recovery, but results are not as comprehensive, and follow-up treatments are necessary to maintain results. A facelift is a surgical procedure that involves a lengthy recovery, but it can treat more advanced issues, and the results are permanent. 

Dr. Kishinevsky helps patients consider the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic injectables and a facelift and advises which may be ideal for each patient’s unique needs and desires.

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Lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin can age a person beyond their natural years. A personalized consultation may be the best way to settle on a treatment plan when considering injectables or a facelift to reverse signs of aging. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Anya Kishinevsky, send us a message at your earliest convenience.

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Anya Kishinevsky, M.D.

Anya Kishinevsky, M.D.

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