Capsular Contracture and Breast Implant Revision By Anya Kishinevsky, M.D. on March 13, 2019

Capsular contracture painBreast augmentation offers women with a smaller bustline the chance to enhance their body contours and get the shapelier breasts they desire. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, due in large part to its proven record of safety and success.

While breast augmentation complications are rare, they do affect a small percentage of patients. Among breast augmentation complications, the most common is a condition called capsular contracture. Capsular contracture can affect the way the breasts look and feel. Fortunately, the condition can be treated with breast implant revision.

Here, Dr. Anya Kishinevsky gives patients a better understanding of capsular contracture, and how breast implant revision can help. Contact our Fairfield, CT plastic surgery practice to learn more.

What Is Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture is a condition that can develop slowly after breast augmentation surgery. When a breast implant is placed, the body recognizes that it is a foreign object. As a type of defensive response, the body forms a pocket of tissue around the implant. In normal circumstances the capsule of tissue is thin, and leaves the implant with room to move around.

When a patient experiences capsular contracture, it is because the body has formed a thick layer of scar tissue around the breast implant, rather than the regular capsule of tissues. This tissue is hard and more fibrous. Instead of leaving the breast implant with room to move, the scar tissue squeezes in on the breast implant.

Capsular Contracture Symptoms

Capsular contracture takes place within the body, but it causes symptoms that are usually immediately noticeable to the patient. The most common symptoms of capsular contracture include:

  • A breast that is hard to the touch
  • A breast that appears tight or firm
  • A breast implant that seems to have changed positions
  • An implant that sits higher than the other
  • Physical discomfort

Breast Implant Revision

Breast implant revision is recognized as the most effective treatment for capsular contracture. The procedure involves the removal of the implant.

The first step of breast implant revision surgery for capsular contracture is remove the old breast implant and all scar tissue. Dr. Kishinevsky will remove the implant in its entirety, along with the capsule of scar tissue that has formed around the implant.

To minimize the risk of capsular contracture recurrence, the entire implant pocket will be flushed and cleaned.

After the breast pocket has been thoroughly cleaned, a new implant can be placed. Sometimes the new implant will be placed in the same location, but other times the location of the implant will be moved under the chest muscle.

Dr. Kishinevsky will discuss this with patients prior to their revision surgery. With the implant in place, the incisions will be closed and surgery will be complete.

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Under the skilled hands of Dr. Anya Kishinevsky, breast implant revision can effectively treat capsular contracture and give patients the full and natural-looking bust line they desire. If you have questions about this procedure, contact us at your earliest convenience, or call (203) 388-9919 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kishinevsky.

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