Breast Lift after Pregnancy By Anya Kishinevsky, M.D. on December 28, 2018

Woman with a full, perky bustlinePregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s body. Throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding, the bustline grows significantly. After pregnancy and breastfeeding are complete, many women experience a loss of volume. These rapid changes in the size and shape of the breasts can produce a saggy, deflated appearance.

Plastic surgery can address loose, stretched skin after pregnancy. Breast lift surgery restores a firmer, perkier bustline by eliminating excess skin, raising the breasts, and improving breast shape.

Dr. Anya Kishinevsky can perform breast lift after pregnancy so our Norwalk, CT patients can reclaim the figure they had prior to pregnancy.

The Procedure

Breast lift surgery is most commonly performed as an outpatient procedure. The patient is put under general anesthesia. The surgery itself should take about three hours, but patients will be observed at the hospital for some time before being sent home.

There are several different techniques, or incisions, that can be used to perform breast lift surgery. Dr. Kishinevsky often uses the vertical short scar approach, which is a technique she is highly trained in. This technique requires just a short incision down the vertical center of the breast (beneath the areola).

Through this incision, Dr. Kishinevsky can remove excess skin so that, when the incision is closed, the breasts are firmer and less droopy.

Prior to closing the incision, the areola will be placed in a higher position. This further enhances the results of the breast lift procedure by keeping the areolas from pointing downward or looking too low on the newly lifted breasts.


Patients should be prepared for a lengthy recovery after breast lift surgery. It typically takes one to two weeks before patients can return to work and other light activities.

It takes longer, typically about six weeks, before patients can do any lifting or other strenuous activities.

It is important that patients allow themselves the time that is needed to recover from the breast lift procedure. By avoiding putting excess strain on the incisions, patients can experience a faster healing time.

Scarring after Surgery

Scars are an unavoidable side effect of surgery. However, if patients follow all post-surgical care instructions, incisions should heal nicely so that scarring is minimal.

Although the incisions tend to look red and raised during the first several weeks of breast lift recovery, they will gradually lighten.

It can take a full year for scars to heal completely. By this time, they should look like a light line along the vertical center of the breast. One of the reasons that Dr. Kishinevsky prefers the vertical short scar technique is because it produces a smaller scar than most other breast lift incisions.

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If pregnancy has affected your bustline, you may be an ideal candidate for a breast lift procedure. To learn more about breast lift surgery, contact us at your earliest convenience by calling (203) 388-9919. Dr. Kishinevsky looks forward to helping you reclaim your pre-pregnancy figure.

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Anya Kishinevsky, M.D.

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