Enjoy a More Firm, Youthful Figure through Butt Lift Surgery

If you desire a fuller, more defined back side, Dr. Anya Kishinevsky can perform a butt lift procedure at her Darien, CT, cosmetic surgery practice. Through this procedure, she can enhance the shape and size of your buttocks. Dr. Kishinevsky can use a variety of techniques, including implants, fat grafting, and tissue removal. Following a detailed consultation, she will determine the right type of surgery for you. By carefully planning your procedure to meet your specific goals, Dr. Kishinevsky can help you achieve the look you want. 

Woman's buttocks.
Using implants, fat grafting, and tissue removal, we can help you achieve a fuller, rounder backside.

Are You a Candidate for Butt Lift Surgery?

A butt lift is designed to add volume and shape to your buttocks. If you have lost a significant amount of weight, butt lift surgery may be a good fit for your goals. Massive weight loss can sometimes cause stretched or sagging skin, or displaced fat deposits, making your figure appear disproportionate.

The procedure can enhance your overall appearance, if you desire a shapelier back side, or feel that your rear end is flat or undefined.

If age has altered your once firm, youthful figure, butt lift surgery can help reverse the signs of aging. The procedure can enhance your overall appearance, if you desire a shapelier back side, or feel that your rear end is flat or undefined. It can also give you a huge boost of self-confidence. 

Most any patient qualifies for the procedure, but you should be in good overall health with no chronic conditions that could compromise healing. To qualify for treatment, you should already be at a healthy weight. Butt lift surgery is not intended to help you lose excess pounds.

Butt Lift

Diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes can have many great benefits, but they will not always help you achieve the lifted, rounded buttocks you desire. With a butt lift procedure, Dr. Kishinevsky can lift the buttocks to give you a more rounded, defined posterior. For the right patients, she can transfer fat from the abdomen or inner thighs to the buttocks to deliver more of a heart-shaped, attractive backside.

What are the Procedure Details?

During your consultation, Dr. Kishinevsky will review your treatment goals, medical history, and overall health. This will help determine which of the three techniques will be used:

Fat grafting
This is the least invasive option. During this procedure, Dr. Kishinevsky will first perform liposuction on another part of your body. This allows you to enhance several parts of your figure at once, eliminating stubborn fat from your abdomen, thighs, or another area. Dr. Kishinevsky will then isolate and purify the fat cells by placing them in a powerful centrifuge. She will inject the fat into your buttocks, placing the injections at different depths to create natural-looking curves.
Butt implants
This option can often achieve more dramatic results. During this procedure, Dr. Kishinevsky will create incisions along the tops or bottoms of your buttocks. Through the incisions, she will place silicone implants. Like breast implants, butt implants are available in various shapes and sizes. Dr. Kishinevsky will select the type that looks most natural.
Skin excision: 
If you are primarily troubled by excess skin in the buttocks area, Dr. Kishinevsky may remove the unwanted tissue. Through carefully placed incisions, she can trim stretched or damaged skin, closing the incisions with small stitches. In many cases, Dr. Kishinevsky can combine excision with another butt lift technique for more comprehensive results.

What is Involved in the Recovery Process?

How quickly you recover from butt lift surgery depends on the type of procedure you undergo. Typically, you will need to take at least one week off from work, during which time you should rest and refrain from putting pressure on your buttocks. After two to three weeks, you can resume many of your normal activities, though you may need to sit on a cushion to avoid irritating your incision sites.

In most cases, you can return to normal exercise six to eight weeks after surgery. It is important to attend all follow-up appointments with Dr. Kishinevsky so that she can monitor your progress and healing. In two to six months, you should be fully recovered. At this time, you can enjoy your fuller, more youthful figure, as well as a much greater sense of self-confidence.

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If you are looking to enhance the look and shape of your back side, a butt lift may be the answer. To learn more about butt lift surgery, and to begin planning your custom procedure, contact us today.

Anya Kishinevsky, M.D.

Board-certified surgeon Anya Kishinevsky believes in a completely personalized approach to plastic and reconstructive surgery. She holds several distinctions, has repeatedly been featured on Connecticut Magazine's list of Top Docs, and is a member of the:

  • American Board of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Medical Association
  • American Women's Medical Association

Learn for yourself why so many patients choose Dr. Kishinevsky for their care. Schedule a consultation at our Norwalk, CT, office online or call (203) 388-9919.

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